4 Major Steps In Creating a Website

4 Major Steps In Creating a Website

Has anybody told you how to create a website? The steps are not as complicated as you some think. For beginners, it will naturally be a bit complicated. But the more you explore the necessary steps, the more you will learn how easy it is to create your very own blog or website.
Below are the general or major steps in building one. You must know that there are more detailed steps in between these, but we will get to that later on.


Step 1: Register Your Domain Name

Your domain name or your website (URL) is important. Without it, nobody can access the content of your website. There are multiple companies that allow you to register your domain name with them. See which company suits you best.

Step 2: Acquire a Hosting Plan

Select a hosting plan for your new website. Normally, beginners choose a shared package. But as soon as they gain some traction and a huge surge of traffic, they eventually switch to VPS or pay for a dedicated server.


Step 3: Design Your Website

WordPress is the most recommended website builder today as it is very easy to optimize. After learning how to make your website, you must start studying about SEO. WordPress can help you build a properly optimized site.


Step 4: Publish

After everything is done, all you need to do is hit publish. Once you do this, anybody who has an access to your website URL can check out your site. To become more relevant to the search engines, you must work on your digital marketing efforts, but we can get to that later on as well.

Building a website needs time and effort. If you are seriously up for it, you need to plan how your website will look like and where to host it. Good luck!